Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quote of the day

"If Newcastle played in the Champions League, I can tell you that Cabaye wouldn't be here."

An interesting comment from PSG manager Laurent Blanc on his club's newest acquisition - not least because Dreamboat turned his back on Champions League football with Lille to join us in the first place. That this was the sole factor in his decision to move to Paris is therefore very doubtful.

Perhaps he crossed the Channel in the first place on the promise that we too would soon be competing in what's branded the world's premier club competition - if so, the move was missold to him. Admittedly we came close to qualifying in Dreamboat's first season on Tyneside, but that was due to an unlikely combination of factors working in our favour - mainly players fit and in top form while some of the usual suspects underperformed.

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Blogger 63soul said...

While the veracity of this comment may be questionable, it seems to send the message that cabaye liked many aspects of playing for newcastle, with the exception of management's lack of ambition for the CL.

8:11 pm  
Blogger 63soul said...

On an unrelated note, but a source of lingering anger, Bradley Johnson's red card on Sat. was rescinded by the FA and Remy's was upheld! Unbelievable.

8:18 pm  

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