Monday, January 27, 2014

No go for Yo - yet

And so it begins - we've rejected a £14m bid for Dreamboat from PSG. That's very unlikely to be the end of it, though, with the moneybags leaders of Ligue 1 expected to come back with a bigger offer and known admirers Man Utd also keen to add more than just Juan Mata to their currently weak midfield. With Jabba at the helm, it's accepted that every player has his price - even the one who has been the absolute fulcrum of our side this season - so the chances of us retaining his services into February are far from certain.

The one glimmer of hope is that even if we accept a bid, Dreamboat may possibly turn down the move himself. It's been rumoured that he's concerned about the possibility of being restricted to sporadic appearances for the French side, and perhaps that might dissuade him from joining other clubs too - at least with us he knows he's the main man.

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Blogger 63soul said...

The ronny gill is claiming this is as good as done. Methinks it would be a miracle otherwise....

Sniff sniff. Au revoir bateau de reve!

7:12 pm  

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