Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bloggers united

Friday night saw me making my debut at a London Socrates event, and very enjoyable it was too - gassing with fellow bloggers and podcasters about the merits of Luuk de Jong, receiving threats of legal action from former Carlisle owner Michael Knighton (visit his website for a good chuckle at the man's hubris), and travelling far and wide to watch teams who wear yellow shirts and red shorts for a regular feature in the Watford matchday programme. We even found time for a pint or two. Thanks to Terry and Graham for organising the evening.




Blogger 63soul said...

Knighton's website is hilarious---thanks for the link. Beside touting his own "visionary" status in banner ads and peddling his book, which presumably describes how he invented football, knighton is apparently one of the most important artists of the 20th and 21st century. And the poetry! Just in case you thought football wasn't on his priority list, he addresses important issues like whether Beckham should be made a knight of the realm. At least online, he is a true caricature of himself.

If your willing to share, what legal threats were made? I just want to complete the picture... Cheers!

7:06 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Someone I was talking to once contacted MK for an interview and MK had one of his people scour everything he'd ever written that mentioned him by name. Turned up something that MK claimed was defamatory and the threat of legal action followed. Glad you enjoyed the site - it's a gem.

10:21 pm  
Blogger 63soul said...

Yes, and a welcome distraction after today's predictable frustration. Great back story to the MK website too. cheers!

11:18 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

I particularly love the regular insistence that it's others who've called MK "visionary", not the man himself. Reminds me of Alan Partridge: "'Lovely stuff.' Not my words, Michael, the words of Shakin' Stevens." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY4642_sgAE

1:25 am  

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