Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How low can you go, Joe?

Hands up whose idea it was to allow JFK to speak directly to the media again? At least the interview for the Mirror was conducted by someone other than Simon Bird - probably wise if the rag wants to be preserve its claim to be a family newspaper...

Needless to say, JFK's pronouncements consisted of the usual bollocks. To take just two examples...

"I don’t understand where the negativity has come from – we are two games into a 38-game season and already the doom-and-gloom merchants are looking for a scapegoat."

Even if he's ignorant of our struggles last season, it's bizarre that he seems unable to comprehend the frustration at our inactivity over the summer. The word "scapegoat" suggests an undeserving fall guy - but JFK is hardly undeserving of the flak coming his way. If you're appointed to a position well above your capabilities, make a host of boastful promises and then spectacularly fail to deliver on them, then - like a former US president - you're there to be shot at from a grassy knoll.

"Before the season started, we had sat down and agreed the squad was big enough, and strong enough, to finish in the top half of the table. But we are working together – not plotting against each other. There seems to be a perception, from outside the club, that we are at loggerheads, but I don’t know why people are jumping on the bandwagon because it is a false picture."

So, JFK, you're claiming the existing squad is big and strong enough while the Silver Fox publicly demands investment in reinforcements. I wonder what it was exactly that gave people the impression you might be "at loggerheads"...

Perhaps most infuriating of all, though, was his mention of what's been going on behind the scenes: "Last week we flew to Nice, and we were met by a private helicopter transfer to Mike Ashley’s yacht off St Tropez, and we spent seven hours thrashing out every idea, and how we plan to take the club forward." Quite apart from the fact that this is in part a smug and vulgar brag and hints at a culture of extravagance at odds with the parsimonious philosophy Jabba appears to have embraced, you have to wonder why on earth such a summit meeting only took place last week. Surely it should have happened within a week of the previous season ending - or, failing that, almost immediately after JFK's appointment. As ever with this club, common sense appears to be in spectacularly short supply.

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