Friday, August 23, 2013

Brad's for the drop

After weeks of protracted negotiations, Brad Inman has finally been confirmed as a Crewe player on a permanent basis. By the sounds of it, we've been able to get the fee we wanted for the Aussie midfielder - a fee the Railwaymen have gone out on a bit of a limb to pay, judging by manager Steve Davis' grateful acknowledgement of the support he's received from his board.

A clearly delighted Davis claimed: "Not many players turn down a Premier League club to drop down to League One. It takes a lot of guts." You're perhaps getting a little carried away there, Steve - when you're at a Premier League club but have next to zero chance of breaking into the first team, then a move to a club where you've previously done very well on loan and where you know you'd be welcome doesn't really take much guts at all. Clearly they have high hopes for him, so it'll be interesting to see how he does and if we come to regret the sale as a mistake.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It takes guts to turn down a contract offer from a Premier League club (hence it must have some sort of plan for him) to play in L1 instead. That's a very mature move there by Inman. NUFC, rejecting four offers from Crewe, has acted quite unsympathetic in this case, trying to block a young player's future development over a few pennies.

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