Monday, August 19, 2013

Robins unreliant

So it turns out we're not the only side so desperate for a striker that we've been prepared to welcome with open arms someone with a rape charge hanging over them. We brought in Loic Remy, while League One outfit Swindon have turned to a familiar face: the Lone Ranger.

Yes, that's right, the Robins appear to have overlooked the countless misdemeanours of a man who recently had his own surname tattooed on his forehead. They seriously need their heads examining, even if chairman Jed McCrory did note pointedly that the striker would need and get "rigorous support" from the club.

For his part, the Lone Ranger made the usual noises in such cases, hinting at contrition and redemption and pleading for fans to give him a chance. I give it a month. Just a shame Paolo Di Canio isn't still the manager at the County Ground - the pair of them in close proximity would be a superbly volatile combination...

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