Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Court circular

Two new Newcastle-related stories on the BBC website yesterday - sadly both were about legal rather than sporting matters.

First there was the news that Mr T is set to declare "I ain't no fraudster, fool" and contest the five charges against him for driving-related offences. The trial is set for October, by which time he may no longer be a Toon player - certainly his star has fallen considerably with us and I suspect we'd be more inclined to cash in if a reasonable bid was to be received.

And then there was confirmation that the Lone Ranger will be facing a rape charge. Yet more reason (should it have been needed) to be relieved we finally washed our hands of him back in March.

However, there's still no sign of any new additions to the first-team squad, as we get used to our default role as impotent mute bystanders while our targets - most recently Arouna Kone - move elsewhere. After the complacency of last summer, things need to start happening soon.

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