Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rocky road out of Anfield

So it seems that Rocky's finally got the not-so-veiled message Brendan Rodgers has been spouting in the press for weeks: he's not wanted at Anfield. His escape route (on loan) hasn't led him to St James' Park, though, but to Upton Park and a reunion with Fat Sam, whom he claims was a key factor in the decision. He'll certainly provide a focal point for the Hammers' hoof-and-hope style under Allardyce, but how long before the temptations of the capital get to him and he's being forced into being taken in by Kevin Nolan and family?

Elsewhere, one-time target Jordan Rhodes is set to leave Huddersfield to join Blackburn for a cool £8m - an absurd sum for a newly relegated and financially unstable club to be chucking around. Still, he's likely to do well for them - his first job being to step into the boots of crocked former Toon striker Leon O'Best.

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