Monday, August 27, 2012

Eight years on

Sunday marked the eighth birthday of Black & White & Read All Over.

Staggeringly, it's now eight years since we flogged Jonathan Woodgate to Real Madrid and began a completely futile pursuit of a young Everton striker with an appreciation for grandmothers.

Over the last eight years, we've watched and endured countless stirring victories and even more gut-wrenching moments of self-destruction, marquee signings flop and managers come and go with more frequency than is frankly healthy.

Interestingly, we're now back in a broadly similar position to the one we enjoyed then, with a team who finished fifth last season looking to kick on again under a silver-haired manager playing decent football and embarking on hopefully a fruitful European adventure.

Back in 2004 it didn't take too long for the wheels to fall off and the dark era of Sourness to be ushered in. Hopefully this time round the Silver Fox can look forward to another productive season at the helm with the support of an owner who isn't sharpening the knives behind his back.

Ha'way the lads!




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