Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bienvenue encore une fois

After the drought of July, yet another French-born arrival in the form of Gabriel Obertan. Commenters on my earlier post on our new signing were critical of my negative verdict, and so I should point out again that it was based on my own personal experience of watching the Frenchman's admittedly fleeting performances for Man Utd.

Alan Pardew may have a point in highlighting Obertan's pace and versatility in being able to play on either flank or up front, and while the reaction from Red Devils' fans to the sale seems mixed, the fact that a player might not be deemed good enough for the champions certainly doesn't rule him out of being good enough for us. I'd be delighted if I'm left eating my initial words followed up with a big slice of humble pie.

And yet there's a new concern: the length of the contract we've given Obertan. Presumably the thinking behind tying him to a five-year deal is to defer any contract negotiations (and potential salary increases) as long as possible. But it's a double-edged sword, depending as it does upon him being a hit - if he's a flop, then we'll be saddled with a player who might be content to sit on the sidelines picking up his weekly wages rather than seeking out a new club who would pay him less. Added reason to hope it works out well for us, then...

As for who's next, the conclusion of our search for a new striker may be no nearer, but we can be sure the lucky man won't be Shane Long, the Reading striker having signed for West Brom today.

Meanwhile, ASBO's back training with first team squad - this might suggest that his little chat with Pardew (and, presumably, Jabba and Llambiarse) has taken place, but I'm not sure.

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Blogger Unknown said...

How many players did they sign on a 5 year contract recently?

On on hand you have young players locked in for 5 years, but in 5 years you need to re-sign half your squad or build a new team.

Or maybe they are trying to save on legal fees by only drawing up one contract they offer everyone...

2:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How many players did they sign on a 5 year contract recently?"

Its all irrelevent really if they turn out to be good they will be sold at a profit if they are crap just not offered a new contract

*nb if they are good but love the toon and want to stay, they will be attacked in the press and put on the transfer list, dubbed 'trouble makers'

1:12 am  

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