Saturday, May 02, 2009

Quote of the day

"Graeme Souness was brilliant to me. He came to my house when I had a heart attack and stayed for 2½ hours ... Sam Allardyce was lovely but was not here long enough to be judged as a manager."

Amazingly, someone at St James' Park has a kind word to say about Soumess and Fat Sam. Step forward 82-year-old tealady Kath Cassidy, who's worked at the club for exactly half her 82 years.

As a diehard Geordie, she's understandably distraught at our current plight and has, appropriately enough, considered stirring things up a bit pre-match: "I know I’d get into trouble, but I might go into the dressing room before a game with my picture of Jackie Milburn holding his medals. I’d say to the players ‘Get your fingers out, look what he won for £20 a week.’ Men like Jackie, God bless his soul, put their whole heart in. Jackie would turn in his grave if he saw the state of things here now".


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