Friday, February 01, 2013

Borstal Boys on the move while Mackems sign double agent

So, what went on of interest elsewhere?

Well, there was the Little Waster cropping up on Smogside. Tony Mowbray claims he's "looked really good in training, nice and sharp" - yes Tony, but you just wait until your next fixture and see how long he can go without picking up some kind of knack.

The Little Waster's previous club QPR were predictably frantic, adding (amongst others) another ex-Toon forgotten man, Jermaine Jenas, to their hastily assembled and grossly overpaid squad. JJ has an avowed dislike of fishbowls - I wonder how he'll fare together with the other big fish (and their egos) in that particular small pond if results don't pick up quickly...

Meanwhile, down at the Dark Place, the Mackems released Louis Saha, with chief executive Margaret Byrne "thank[ing] him for his contribution". If I didn't know wit was beyond that lot, I'd think this was a sarcastic comment about a player who failed to start a game during his six months there.

Intriguingly, his sort-of-replacement - at a sizeable cost of £5.5m - is Swansea striker Danny Graham. The born-and-bred Geordie received a warm welcome - well, a chorus of boos - when the Swans visited the Stadium of Shite on Tuesday, largely on account of some nicely disparaging comments he made to a Toon fanzine some time ago. C'mon now Agent Graham, do your duty. Here's hoping this turns out like Lee Clark all over again...

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