Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tweeting twits

While the two fuckwits who used Twitter to racially abuse Little Big Lad have been given final warnings, a trio of players familiar to Toon supporters have found their use of the social networking site has landed them in varying degrees of hot water.

No surprises for guessing that one of them would be ASBO, who has already effectively ensured his Newcastle exit and precipitated the sacking of QPR manager Colin Wanker by the same means, and who seems to spend most of his time spouting off bitter rants about all and sundry and engaged in petty squabbles. His latest faux pas was to stand up for team-mate Anton Ferdinand and denounce John Terry, a move which, it was speculated, might constitute contempt of court ahead of the case being heard in July. Of course, the alleged incident between Ferdinand and Terry has now had far greater repercussions than ASBO getting reacquainted with the inside of a prison cell, but in any case Attorney General Dominic Grieve has effectively let him off with a slapped wrist. Lucky boy. Still glad to have the mouthy tyke as your captain, Hoops fans?

The second miscreant is Ravel Morrison, who's made an interesting start to his new career at Fat Sam's West Ham. As attempts to put a troubled past behind you go, branding a Twitter detractor a "crack head" and a "little faggot" isn't the best. Oxford City striker Lee Steele was recently sacked for a similarly homophobic tweet - somehow I doubt the Hammers will be showing their new midfielder the door. Someone for Kevin Nolan to adopt for his own unique brand of pastoral care, perhaps?

And finally, it seems the Zog took to Twitter after Sunday's game to express his dissatisfaction: "First time in my life, I’m not happy playing football". Alex McLeish's response was less than sympathetic, essentially amounting to "Shut up and work harder". In fairness to the Scot, though, his patience had probably already worn thin, having had the Zog's fellow ex-Toon team-mate Stephen Ireland telling him to fuck off at half-time...

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