Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lee let go

Well, I didn't see this coming. And neither did Lee Clark, by the sounds of it: "I am very perplexed as to why I was dismissed as manager of Huddersfield". Given Huddersfield's form and position in the league, the sacking can only have been down to behind-the-scenes friction with the board. With Leeds currently managerless and Leicester's owners rumoured to have an itchy trigger finger, I wonder whether the Terriers' hierarchy's decision could be to a Championship club's benefit?


Following on from Terriers fan David's comment to this post, here are the thoughts of seasoned Huddersfield observer John Dobson. So, Town supporters, maybe we're ill-informed and there was more to it than met the eye, and therefore we're wrong to be bemused by the board's decision - but all I'll add is be careful what you wish for...

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Blogger skif said...

The thing I have found most surprising, having had a nose round Huddersfield forums, is how necessary the sacking was to a lot of the fans there.

Then again, I've been advocating that a man who took us on our big Cup run, and 12-year clubman to boot, should lose his job.

This is what football turns us into - part of a baying mob, torches ablaze etc.

1:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Wood HTAFC season ticket holder

I just wish all of you that were saying it is unexpected had sat at all the games we have this year and seen lacklustre performances, scrambled draws, poor tactics, 'old manned' by other managers (especially Martin Allen). All this from a manager who has bought without thought. Of course the squad is worth more - he has spent (squandered) the money! Why purchase every midfielder avaialable (Johnson, Miller, Gobern, Ward, Arfield, Robinson, Higgingbotham, McDermott etc) when everyone knew we needed pacey defenders. For every good player he bought, there are 3 signings not even good enough to get on his bench.
Huge squad, 3 player changes every game, lack of cohesion, lack of plan B.

At the end of every game his interview was that they will sort it out on the training ground next week!

IT WAS NOT UNEXPECTED, only to those with their head somewhere dark!

4:29 pm  
Blogger skif said...

Fair comment David. I guess the lengthy unbeaten run thing was a product of media spin really - given how many draws were involved.

It is rare for a club to sack a manager when in the play off zone in February though, and those without a week-in-week-out knowledge of the club can reserve the right to be 'surprised'.

That's what made my wandering around the forums so eye-opening - getting the kind of extra knowledge (like the comment above) you don't get, certainly about League One, in the national media.

10:01 am  
Blogger Paul said...

I don't pretend to be an avid fan of Huddersfield, so I can't argue with David.

However, Clarkie must have been doing something right to have got you to third in the league and taken you to the play offs two years in a row.

Hopefully you'll survive his departure and kick on and equally he'll find a new job elsewhere quickly and succeed. Then everyone's a winner.

11:46 am  

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