Thursday, December 01, 2011

Aye Ayatollah

Not content with broadcasting his opinions via Twitter, ASBO has seized the offer of a soap box provided by QPR podcast Open All R's to reignite old feuds: "The manager was different class but I wouldn't want to go back and work for those two cretins. Ashley is the Ayatollah. Nothing happens without his say".

His dislike of Jabba and Lambiarse and subsequent departure wasn't just a personality clash, or the result of his having issues with authority, though - apparently it revolved around a more general dispute over bonuses. Certainly ASBO's talk of insubordination from senior players filtering "back to boardroom level", and of Jabba being determined to wield "power and control", would help to explain the exits of Kevin Nolan and Chris Hughton, as well as the sidelining of Steve Harper and Alan Smith.

Whatever the truth, though, one thing's for sure: if I was a QPR fan, I'd be getting increasingly irritated with how much greater interest ASBO seems to have in his previous club than in his current one...

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Anonymous Marshbowl said...

its because we dont have a fat big mouth twat owner, so our club is not run like the geordies. Id be more worried if i was a West ham fan whos site keeps talking about it subdued admiration or envy i cant work it out .

10:39 am  
Blogger Ben said...

Who's this mysterious "West Ham fan", then?

12:43 pm  
Anonymous dentheranger said...

he calls himself 'Hammersfan', his site is called - 'The games gone crazy' weblog... Click on november archives.

8:07 am  
Anonymous dentheranger said...

Good luck against chelsea by the way. All the r's fans want you to win!

8:25 am  
Blogger Ben said...

Cheers Den - both for the good wishes (sadly unfulfilled) and the explanation. The Game's Gone Crazy's actually quite a lively blog so has been added to our blogroll.

8:07 pm  

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