Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gun for hire

Beware, good folk of South Yorkshire! The Lone Ranger now walks among you (quite literally, since being handed a driving ban for recent motoring misdemeanours), having joined Barnsley on loan, so lock up your daughters and your gun cabinets.

While the Silver Fox was no doubt breathing a sigh of relief to have the miscreant off his hands for a while at least, Tykes manager Keith Hill declared: "Everybody deserves a second, third or fourth opportunity. As long as they're willing to accept the wrongs that they've done, as long as they're trying to right those wrongs, then I'll work with anyone." Wonder how long before he's regretting those words? Ranger's shown no sign of learning from his mistakes, seemingly content to compound them with others and squander what talent and potential he has.

Still, good news for the takings of the local branch of Nandos, eh?

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