Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Naughty naughty

We're used to our players landing themselves in a spot of bother, but today has seen the club have its wrist slapped for two separate alleged misdemeanours.

First, we - like Arsenal - were fined £30,000 for failing to control our players. It's hard to know what exactly the club could have done given it was in the heat of the battle, and, as an anonymous commenter to this post pointed out, ASBO was rightly punished with a booking for his part in the Gervinho fracas while every other player was trying to keep the peace - so on what grounds is the charge justified? That seems to be the view of the hierarchy too, if the club's terse statement on the matter is anything to go by: "Newcastle United has requested written reasons for the decision from the chairman of the regulatory commission and will consider its position once these have been received".

Second, we've been reported to FIFA by French side Sochaux, who are furious at our attempts to tap up Mali striker Modibo Maiga without their consent - and no wonder, with the player's head having been so turned that he's gone on strike. Stories of the big bully boys - Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City etc - misbehaving in this way are ten-a-penny, but this incident, if proven, will mean we can no longer saddle up our high horse. When quizzed about it, Alan Pardew's immediate response was to distance himself from any wrongdoing, or knowledge of wrongdoing: "I can't tell you anything about that. My brief is to highlight players I think would take the club forward, and the club's job is to get it over the line. I am not involved in that". Don't forget, though, Alan - in this respect you're not exactly whiter than white yourself...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well this would be just up Ashley Street "FiFa fine" and part of it would be a embargo on any transfers untill next year !!!Just what the Doctor ordered to keep his Cash

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