Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quote of the day

"The agenda has been set and I have to work to that. They want players here with value. In defence of Mike Ashley, there are times when players have come to this club with no future value, even though they have been successful. That is an area he does not want to be involved in again. Without naming names, that is something I have to understand. I have to bring players here of a good age who can add value."

Yes, no "naming names", Alan, but are you vigorously gesticulating in Sol Campbell's direction?

Nothing much to report in the build-up to Saturday's home game against Bolton, so let's turn instead to Rocky. According to his new manager Kenny Dalglish, he's not yet ready to make his bow for Liverpool. Presumably, as a 50 Cent fan, he'll be desperate to get back to full fitness as soon as possible if it means an end to bonding sessions with the gaffer at Boyzone concerts. You wonder if canny Kenny had promised him a night out with the lads?

Meanwhile, Mackem chairman Niall Quinn has continued his offensive on his own club's stayaway fans, claiming that if attendances don't pick up, then their recent spending levels will be unsustainable and they may well have to start flogging off the family silver. We don't seem to have any such concerns, thankfully - something to be said in favour of Jabba's tightfistedness.

And finally, here's a rarity - a football blog written by a woman. Terrace Bint's a really good 'un an' all.

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