Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mickey taker?

The ink is hardly dry on the deal that took Michael Chopra to Cardiff from the Mackems permanently, but on the surface it would seem we're already harbouring hopes of him leaving - for us. According to Peter Beardsley, at least, "As Newcastle Academy staff, we would love to have him back here".

Of course Beardo doesn't hold the purse strings so any decision on that front would hardly lie with him - and in any case he went on to say: "No disrespect to Michael - and I've spoken to him about this before - he may not be a top Premier League player but he is a brilliant Championship player". If our ambition is an immediate return to the top flight, what would be the point of signing someone we didn't feel could cut it at that level?

The real reason for Beardsley's comments, I suspect, is rather more sly. Let's have another look: "I think that's still Michael's dream - to wear the number nine shirt for Newcastle ... Michael still lives here [Newcastle], he's still got family here. Obviously he's in Cardiff when he's playing football, but he comes up here whenever it's possible. He's still black and white". In other words, Chops: remember where your allegiances lie when we kick off tomorrow...

Beardsley, incidentally, knows a bit about what it takes to beat the Bluebirds - he was a scorer last time we played them, back in the 1983/4 season, along with one K Keegan.


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