Thursday, September 10, 2009

Confession time

(Following on from the post above...)

Forgive me, fellow fans, for I have sinned. On Sunday I knowingly entered a local Sports Direct outlet with the deliberate intention of purchasing goods therein, and purchase goods I did. Please find it in your hearts to grant me absolution.

In my defence, £4 for a yellow T-shirt is hardly going to line Fat Mike's pockets for long, is it? All the same, when it gets its first outing tomorrow, I'm sure it'll feel like wearing a hair shirt...

(Incidentally, when I discovered my work 5-a-side team this season had elected to play in yellow, I wondered whether it was all an elaborate ruse carefully calculated to get me - someone, anyone - to buy the new away shirt. But having rumbled that evil masterplan, I've then gone and bought suitable attire from Ashley's shop. In the immortal words of someone who is naturally yellow, doh!)


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