Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Idiot told to stay at home

According to reports in the press, ASBO had an argument with Shearer after the match yesterday, in which the player criticised both team selection and tactics.

Given that the player had just received a straight red card, which rules him out for the rest of the season, it is understandable that Shearer didn't take too kindly to this frank appraisal of his stewardship of the club.

According to today's press, ASBO has been suspended from the club indefinitely, which is presumably more closely tied to his red card, and resultant three-match ban, than his criticism of Shearer.

Let's be honest, he can't help us get out of the mess we're in now, so he might as well stay at home so he can't start a fight with anyone in training.

What I find so staggering about this is how anyone (even Joey Barton) could be so stupid. It's his first game in months, the ball's going nowhere, the game's probably lost anyway, so why try and break Xabi Alonso's leg in a reckless challenge? Not an ounce of thought can have gone into the two-footed lunge, and the inevitable consequences both in terms of his continuing involvement in the game and the rest of our season.

All of which just confirms what almost everyone has been saying for a long time. We may have had the odd bit of criticism for referring to Barton as ASBO in the past, but to be honest that's the most publicly repeatable description of the idiotic fuckwit that currently springs to mind.

Since Fat Sam signed him in 2007, ASBO has managed to start 26 games, made a further 6 appearances from the bench and scored 2 goals.

All that for the princely sum of £5.8 million (plus his doubtless exorbitant wages).

Not to mention the court cases, prison sentence and terrible publicity/baggage which ASBO has brought with him.

The sooner he leaves the better. Regardless of whether or not we go down, the prospect of having that selfish, moronic toerag in the team really is too much to bear. Sack him, flog him (in both senses of the word ideally) - whatever, he's overstayed his welcome in the last chance saloon, and now it's time for him to leave.


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