Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Well, at least the powers that be were decent enough not to make the Silver Fox to defend our transfer window failings to a cackling media in person. Instead, a short formal statement appeared on the official site in his name. I imagine the situation being akin to a man being forced at gunpoint to sign his own death warrant. It's beyond me why he should even have to go through the farce of pretending to be content with what he's got and why JFK isn't the one thrown to the press pack like a particularly juicy bone.

Anyway, let's take a look at what the Silver Fox (allegedly) had to say...

"We are delighted to have brought Loic Remy to the club in this window and we believe he will form an exciting and effective partnership with Papiss Cisse."

How to begin? By accentuating the positives, of course - namely, by reminding fans of the one (admittedly quality) player we did bring in. Just surprising there's no mention of Dreamboat not departing - though perhaps that's because his continued presence on Tyneside is very much against his will...

"Joe has worked hard on numerous targets, particularly an additional offensive player. However some of the options that were available within our financial means were not as good as the players we already had and there is no point bringing in new players unless they can improve us and take us forward."

Financial constraints are one thing, but spending no cash whatsoever is another. Also, "some of the options" - what about the other options, then? Presumably they were better than what we already have, but we just didn't get our arses in gear to get them. In that final statement there's the implication that, far from us being the foolish ones, it's actually other clubs that have been left with egg on their faces, for shelling out small fortunes on recruits who will make negligible impact. That may be the case with some of Monday's panic buys, but it doesn't excuse the fact that we have discernible weaknesses and should have made decisive moves to identify and then sign players to plug the gaps.

"We did the majority of our business in the January window, signing five excellent first team players."

Hang on a minute. Wasn't the raft of January signings (all sound additions, I'd agree) a response to the fact that we'd complacently rested on our laurels last summer, signing just Vurnon Anita, and then been stung by injuries and loss of form? At the time there was talk of deals being "accelerated forwards", but it's curious that this hasn't been mentioned all summer and is only rearing its head now that the window's closed, isn't it? There were hints in January that we'd learned from the lessons of last summer - not so, it seems.

"With the strong squad we have we should all approach the season in a positive, optimistic frame of mind."

Ah yes, that's right - if all else fails, bury your head in the sand about the squad's deficiencies, contradicting everything you've said over the past four months, and just rely on blind, stupid faith. Because, of course, that always works out well. The use of the word "should" (rather than "can") is particularly telling - we're being instructed how to view the forthcoming campaign, with any dissent and negativity depicted as detrimental to the club.

One thing conspicuous by its absence in all that, then: an apology.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would they apologise? It is Mike Ashley's club, not the fan's.
He can do what he likes, and if the fans don't like it, well they can do what they like about that.
Fans have this weird idea that they should control the club. They are customers, just like when you shop at Tesco, it doesn't give you say in how Tesco is run. Like it, lump it or leave.

1:21 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

So that would make football supporters customers who are able to shop around for the best deal? Like it - let's all just become Barcelona fans and be done with it, eh? Absolute nonsense.

There should have been an apology for making false promises, for a start, and for treating the supporters (once again) as mugs.

1:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you were to make a complaint in Tesco, or more appropriately sports direct then an apology would be forthcoming possibly even recompense to sweeten the customers jaded opinion. Truth of the matter is MA knows his customers won't walk away from the club. So as such he treats us as a burden, something to be stepped over in the pursuit of his ultimate goal (whatever that may be).

1:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets look at the big picture- reduce overheadd and make the balance sheet look healthy ; retain prize assets and not add to cost base by new salaries ; lose 9 salaries via loan deals: tie up sponsor for 4 years and hey presto u have a commodity too sell! Simples

1:58 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

That's all fine and well, but if he's getting us in shape to be sold won't he want our Premier League status to be guaranteed? The decision not to invest would look very foolish if we were to get relegated as a result. We'd be a much less attractive prospect for any potential buyer if we slipped back down into the Championship...

5:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will be sold by xmas

10:18 am  

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