Friday, January 30, 2009

Adding insult to injury

Just what we needed after last night's catalogue of disasters: an unseemly and very public spat between JFK and Charles N'Zogbia, one of the few players who might possibly have the talent (if not the application) to haul us out of trouble.

Our wantaway midfielder released a statement in which he declared that, "having been insulted by Joe Kinnear, I will never play for him again while he remains Newcastle manager". His grievance seems to have been simmering for some time, but, bizarrely, the final straw appears to have been JFK unwittingly referring to him as "Insomnia" in post-match comments.

JFK was probably only saying what was foremost on his mind, and inevitably (no doubt to the dismay of our overworked PR flunkey) he retaliated by claiming that N'Zogbia's statement "just smacks of a desperate attempt to engineer a move away from Newcastle United", adding "OK, I got a little tongue-tied, but if I had a pound for every time I've mis-pronounced a player's name down the years, then I'd be a very wealthy man indeed".

JFK must be getting used to weaselling his way out of charges like this - though he was found guilty and fined £500 for his "Mickey Mouse" outburst at Martin Atkinson, a further charge of using "abusive and insulting" language towards an official in the Stoke game went unproven.

It would be a bit rich of JFK to claim to be more sinned against than sinning, but, prior to the N'Zogbia situation flaring up, he expressed the view that he's been insulted himself - by moneybags Man City, who have apparently only offered a paltry £5m for Shay Given, the cheeky bastards.

So much for all the insults - what about the injuries? Well, ASBO goes under the knife tomorrow and won't be troubling opponents' ankles for around eight weeks. At least he'll have Little Saint Mick for close company, though, eh?

Meanwhile, we're apparently on the verge of spunking £4m on Bolton captain Kevin Nolan, about the only man in England who thinks he should be involved in the national set-up; we're vying with the Trotters in pursuit of an exciting attacker who we don't stand a chance of landing (heard it all before - think Rooney, think Modric...); and Albin Ebondo still hasn't signed.

Just another tragicomic day in the life of Newcastle Utd, eh?


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