Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quote of the day

"I worked very hard on several targets and we made a number of bids for players, but for various reasons - some of which were outside the club's control - we were unable to secure our targets. It was not an easy task to improve the quality of the current squad with the financial resources at our disposal, particularly in a window in which the value of players was grossly over-inflated and the demands of agents likewise. We will continue to operate in a financially responsible manner, buying only the right players for the right prices and not paying over the odds or making costly knee-jerk decisions."

JFK finally crawls out from under the rock he's been hiding beneath (or, more likely, from out of the Mediterranean villa he's been lounging about in) to spin some lame excuses about what happened - or, more precisely, what didn't happen - in the summer. I wonder how many people who invested in Saturday's programme did so to read that toss?

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