Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Excusez moi

While sorry still seems to be the hardest word for JFK, who's been lying low and unusually silent since the end of August, another Toon employee has made a point of expressing contrition for his recent conduct. Dreamboat has apparently accepted that supporters might be somewhat miffed at his refusal to play against Man City and West Ham in the wake of that "derisory" bid from Arsenal: "If the fans were, or still are, mad at me for what happened, then I understand and I apologise to them".

Encouragingly, though, he now seems determined to refocus: "I have moved on and now in my head I just want to work really hard, to get back in the team every week and to help the team - that is the most important thing for me. I want to forget what happened during the summer, I want to put it behind me and give everything for Newcastle every day, for the club and for my team-mates."

Saturday's display at Villa Park suggested that he's already started to do just that - and, make no mistake, a rejuvenated and in-form Dreamboat would be a very valuable asset indeed.

Meanwhile, another of our French imports has been looking forward to a big season. HBA may have turned in match-winning performances against Fulham and Villa, but it's important he doesn't let the accolades go to his head - starting to talk about himself in the third person is a bad sign...

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