Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sammy off to a stormer

Well, look who's been watching HBA in training: Little Big Lad, who scored on his Smoggie debut on Saturday with a bit of twinkletoes magic and then a firm left-footed curler. The goal - as well as his general trickery and overall performance - had "Are you watching, Silver Fox?" written all over it. His current manager Tony Mowbray was understandably delighted, but he did also warn the loanee that he needs to work harder.

The Smogs' clash with Cardiff also reunited two noted members of our Noughties squad: the Little Waster, who gave the home side the lead by poking in from a yard for his first league goal in six years (and somehow avoiding breaking his toe in the process), and the No-Necked Text Pest, whose whipped corner was headed into the net by Aron Gunnarsson as the Championship leaders threatened a comeback they couldn't quite pull off.

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