Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twitter chatter

One person who thought it'd be funny to mention our recent spate of signing Frenchman is Reading winger Jimmy Kebe, who this afternoon tweeted:

"On my way to Newcastle, having medical then sign a 4 years contract. Thank you all for your support you've been outstanding !!!! "

He then followed it up with:

"Oups i thought if you're french and play football u just pop in to Newcastle and sign a contract Not a chance of leaving #LoveReadingFc#"

Presumably setting a few Royals fans' hearts racing along the way...

On the same subject, one player who still hasn't really come to terms with twitter is the Lone Ranger who, reacting to the crowd's booing of the Silver Fox's substitutions took to his phone with the following missives:

"Certain fans need to not come and support this team... Coming out to BOOO us.. Stay at home.. Don't need ur BOO's.... SAY NO MORE !!!!"

"Last thing from me... To all the fans. U are not forced to buy season tickets.. Or pay our wages.. Please remember that..."

"If u are loyal fans.. Be with us.. When we are out there on the field.. Be the 12th man.. Don't come and BOO.. That aint going to help any1"

"Team is going through rough patch. Last thing we need is fans against us #SIMPLE REALLY"

"We are a TEAM u BOO 1 player... Ur booing all of us !!!"

Needless to say, he was subject to a fair degree of ire from those who followed him and who took exception to being lectured by a player who can barely be arsed to get to work on time.

By Wednesday it looked as though he'd had a change of heart:

"Fans am sorry 4 what I said!was just a bit upset you were booing the lads. But as it says in the bible "you should forgive thy neighbour"

"Hope we can all forget about this like I say am sorry and didn't want to offend no1!now time to focus on helping he team go up and up"

Sadly though, it appears he hasn't yet grasped that as we do pay his wages, he might want to avoid pissing everyone off, and the second tweet was quickly followed with:

"My friend took my phone and sent that message.... Sorry"

So, not sorry for the comments about the fans, only that his friend had actually apologised on his behalf.  Well done Nile - following up a pretty thoughtless set of tweets by retracting the apology which sought to make amends.


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