Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quote of the day

"My mentality towards it is to make sure everybody is doing their jobs 100 per cent, keeping on top of my stuff, trying to lift my players and kick a couple of them up the bum in terms of the responsibility they have here. Particularly one or two of the younger players, the work ethic needs to improve and they need to improve as individuals. Those younger players have not produced what I wanted them to produce so they're going to have to work harder or they are going to have to leave this football club."

Stern words from a clearly exasperated Silver Fox, for whom the kids clearly aren't all right. Unsurprisingly he didn't name names, but I'd imagine Mehdi Abeid, Little Big Lad, James Tavernier and the Lone Ranger were foremost in his mind following last weekend's abysmal display at Brighton. You could probably add Romain Amalfitano to that list - he's rarely managed to force himself into contention for the bench, even despite all of our myriad problems with injuries, suspensions and lack of form.

The Silver Fox also reiterated the realisation that the club made very poor use of the close season transfer window: "We accept that we didn't do enough in the summer and we need to do it now. We've made it clear we regret that." With Ba gone and Sideshow Bob apparently determined to follow him out of the door, and yet another game without a win (Paul's Norwich report to follow), Graham Carr, Jabba and Llambiarse really need to get their arses into gear.

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