Monday, June 11, 2012

Quote of the day

"It was more Big Fat Gypsy Wedding than our usual clientele... Staff at the marquee had to remove candelabras from the tables in case of a fire risk. There were people staggering around drunk and some were sprawled out over the tables."

Turns out that Danny Guthrie's search for a new club has coincided with a fairly eventful wedding celebration.

Reports suggest that Guthrie's bride was also punched in the face during the evening's frivolities. So perhaps not a day that she'll recall as her happiest in years to come.

Can't image that a "Danny Guthrie's wedding" theme week will be making its way on to the training ground canteen menu any time soon, so probably not much chance for a lobster thermidore food-fight between any of the players who weren't invited, or were otherwise engaged at the Euros.

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