Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quotes of the day

"Shearers still on my case... I know I f***** up Alan, thanks for stating the obvious"

"Whilst were both stating the obvious about each other, can I just say for the record what a great player u were. Well better me.."

"But I have a better hair (which is not hard), wear well better shirts on TV and have a personality (something u lack)

"P.S. My final point, ur a s*** pundit/manager.."

"I really don't like that p****, in fact I honestly despise him... Goodnight"

Just when you might have thought ASBO would want to keep his head down (after yet another red card in a critical fixture, this time for elbowing Carlos Tevez before kneeing Sergio Aguero and aiming a headbutt at Vincent Kompany), up he pops on Twitter to reignite his feud with Wor Al. What exactly was the latter supposed to say when asked about ASBO's conduct in his capacity as a Match of the Day pundit? "It just shows admirable commitment and fight for the cause"? Anyway, good to see that ASBO isn't bitter and is able to let bygones be bygones...

ASBO also claimed: "My favourite memory of him though is when he dropped his spuds when Keano put it on him". Funny, that - I don't remember it quite in the same way, and neither do the video records...

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