Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Behind the scenes

What we can glean from this fan's report on a morning spent at a training session:

* Alan Pardew is a bit of a "silver fox" with a hint of the Swiss Toni about him. "Keeping Jabba happy is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman...".

* Yohan Cabaye feels sufficiently comfortable on Tyneside to swan around wearing a neckerchief, and is part of our French clique's Breakfast Club.

* Tim Krul is a banana-eating giant. "He stands next to me and puts a giant hand on me and I feel like an actual midget... I imagine this is the feeling Dennis Wise gets when he stands next to anyone that is older than the age of 8".

* Little Big Lad really does have "scarily skinny" legs.

* The quality of the training pitch is such that there's no excuse for poor passing on a Saturday: "the grass is unreal. I mean seriously, it makes my carpet in my lounge look bobbly".

(Thanks to Bob for the link.)

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