Friday, June 03, 2011

Little waster

Little Saint Mick just can't help himself, can he?

Having previously used Twitter as a sounding board for his "poor me" rant after he was booed at St James' Park last season, he has now taken an opportunity to justify his decision to sign a one-year contract extension at Old Trafford.

Apparently the player enjoys sitting on his arse bench-warming every week more than playing week in week out. In his own words: "Prefer playing less often in a top team than every game in a poor team.. been there a didn't enjoy it" (sic).

This from a player who only a few days ago was quoted as saying he couldn't understand why he wasn't being picked for England, but who also feels the stress of being on the periphery of things at Manchester Utd.

If we have a quick look at statistics, it may help to explain to Little Saint Mick why Fabio doesn't pick him for England.

Last season, Owen made 17 appearances for his club, of which 13 of them were as a sub. In effect, he started 24% of the games he featured in. By contrast, Darren Bent started 100% of the 39 games he played, Peter Crouch started 65% of 45 games, Jermaine Defoe started 69% of 29 games and the granny botherer started all but 10% of his 40 games for his club.

It's hardly rocket science to note that Fabio is picking players who start more games than Owen, and presumably Owen's chances of being picked for England would increase if he were playing week in week out.

But apparently the player tried that and found it wasn't to his liking, despite picking up £133k per week in his final year at Newcastle. Of course, as the statistics demonstrate, Owen didn't even play all that often for Newcastle when he was here and as .com have pointed out he actually only started 58 of the 148 Premiership games we played while he was on our payroll.

Winston Bogarde was derided a few years ago for being content to pick up his wages at Chelsea while not getting anywhere near the first team - unwilling to move because nobody would pay his exorbitant salary. Whilst Owen may now be on a heavily incentivised contract, what is clear is he'd rather sit on his arse in Manchester than try and press his claims for his England place playing week in week out anywhere that will have him.

That's his choice - but when it comes down to it, the only person Little Saint Mick has to blame for not getting himself back into the England team is his greedy, lazy, ungracious self.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greatly amused by the amount of time and effort you put into that little rant (shall we say keegan esque) colating stats etc.

I suggest the bar codes simply drop it.

Owen knows it and we know it, he is simply a squad player and injury cover. Its been that way since he joined and it will be next year.

He has been worth every penny for the goal he scored against city at old trafford, all that time ago ;)

Even if he only bags one or two goals next year that bag us some points, he will be worth the money.

Cheer up alan shearer, O what can it mean.....

1:12 pm  
Blogger giimps said...

I`m afraid the little gonk is mistaken, he played less for us than he did for any of his clubs.
I`m guessing he must be referring to his time at the bin dippers since he played just over 1/3 of the games for us.
Nice to see him in his Manure shirt, sitting on the bench,deciding which of his horses to play with next, just hope the next shirt he wears is wooden !!!!!

4:37 pm  
Blogger Paul said...

My point is simply that on the one hand, Little Saint Mick whinges that Capello doesn't pick him, but on the other is happy to sit on his arse down the pecking order at Old Trafford.

He can't have it both ways, either he plays weekly and forces his way into the England reckoning, or he sits on his arse and earns enough money to keep his horses in hay.

Evidence, if any were needed, that he's more bothered about the cash than about maximising his talent.

1:57 pm  
Blogger Ben said...

Spot on, Paul.

Anonymous: This isn't about Man Utd, it's about Owen continuing to whinge with absolutely no grounds for doing so. If, as you suggest, he scores one or two goals that get you some points next season, then he may be worth the money - but would you then back his claim that he should be in the England team on the strength of it? Didn't think so.

1:05 pm  

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