Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quote of the day

"Our attendances are down for a couple of reasons and I would never criticise anyone who doesn't come to the stadium because of financial constraints but I despise those who spend far more than the price of a ticket watching some overseas commentator describing the action."

The potentially landmark European court verdict on pubs' rights to show televised 3pm matches has clearly (and amusingly) got the Mackems' normally softly-spoken chairman riled.

Still, I suppose Quinny at least has the guts to express his contempt for his own club's fans openly - unlike our own Jabba, who continues to do so covertly. The loss (or relocation) of the St James' Park singing section without consultation is just the latest instance. I'm sure the fact that that's where much of the anti-Jabba sentiment originates is just a coincidence...

Quinn isn't the only grumpy-pants at the Stadium of Shite. Ol' Cauliflower Face has had his strangely shaped nose put out of joint by Fabio Capello, who dared to suggest that Darren Bent would be more likely to feature for England now that he's swapped the Dark Place for Villa Park.

And finally, the Metro are reporting that Little Saint Mick might be set for a return to Newcastle. Don't panic, though - we're talking about Australian outfit Newcastle Jets, who will apparently offer a racehorse to tempt him to leave Man Utd for the A-League...

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