Friday, February 04, 2011

Quote of the day

"I have got massive respect for Newcastle, they are my team and my home club and I'm not really going to talk about what happened there. It means a lot to me but I am a Liverpool player now and that is what I have to concentrate on."

A rare show of off-field level-headedness from Rocky, attempting to draw a line under the undignified he-said-she-said squabbling in the media that followed his move to Anfield.

Less wise, perhaps, was skipper Kevin Nolan going on Liverpool's TV channel to say how "delighted" he is for his former housemate - something he's thankfully acknowledged and, in so doing, suggested he's as keen to move on as Rocky: "If fans don't like it, I apologise. I'm getting quite sick of the Andy Carroll saga. I just want to put it to bed and get on with it. The last thing I want is to start upsetting our fans because they have been brilliant. There's no-one more disappointed than me. Not only have we lost a top player but I've lost a good mate who was very close."

Meanwhile, the break-up of the relationship has left at least one person scratching their head...

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