Friday, January 28, 2011

Brum deal for Oba

A year and a half after leaving Tyneside in the wake of our relegation, Obafemi Martins is back in the Premier League. As for many who've struggled to navigate in and around Birmingham, the Nigerian's route to St Andrews has been somewhat circuitous, taking in stints at Wolfsburg in Germany and Rubin Kazin in Russia, from whom he's now been loaned out to bolster the Blues' shot-shy attack. While headline writers everywhere bemoan the fact that Villa Park wasn't his destination (y'know - "Aston Martins"...), the local secretarial agencies will be rubbing their hands in glee. Owing to the postponement of our pre-Christmas trip to Birmingham, Martins will still have two opportunities to inflict misery upon his former employers. It'll make a pleasant change to be relieved and delighted if and when he shanks an optimistic 30-yarder into the stands.

From a striker past to a striker present - "striker" used less in a footballing sense and more to refer to steadfastly refusing to work. Alan Pardew's revealed that the Xisco Kid's availability has been touted around to Spanish clubs but unsurprisingly last season's return of three goals in 23 games on loan at Racing Santander doesn't seem to have turned any heads in La Liga. The BBC site is among those crediting Middlesbrough with an interest, of which Pardew has claimed ignorance. Spain or Smogside? Tough choice there, kid...

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Blogger Michael said...

I heard a rumour those optimistic 30-yard efforts were linked to a £20,000 a goal bonus in his Newcastle contract. If it's true, I can only assume Rubin had him on very a similar deal based on the number of times he was caught offside.

3:18 pm  

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