Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rogues' gallery

It's not often you come across an agent speaking sense, particularly at this time of the year - but that's just what Barry Silkman's been doing on the Guardian site, when invited to speculate as to what fees we can realistically expect to get for some of our supposedly Premier League players.

On Alan Smith: "Give him away. Newcastle over paid. He’s had a few injuries and it’s such a shame his career has gone nowhere. No one knows whether he’s a midfielder or striker now."

Us neither, and we've spent the best part of two seasons watching him and trying to figure it out.

On ASBO: "Someone will take him and think they can tame him. Perhaps a club that just survived last year. But, if anyone gives more than £1m, they must be brain dead."

That someone hopefully being Fat Sam - and my guess is that he'd pay more than £1m too...

(Thanks to Alf for the link.)


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