Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not a lotta bottle

It's hardly news to report that Dave Whelan is once again shooting his mouth off about someone at our club - but, just for a change, it's not his old business adversary Fat Mike who's getting it in the neck. No, it's poor old Little Saint Mick instead.

Asked if he'd be interested in signing Owen when his Newcastle contract expires, Whelan said no: "One, he’s too expensive and, two, has he got the urge and the bottle and the drive to do what the Premier League demands?" So, Mick, if you've already sent a copy of your glossy brochure to the JJB, it was a waste of a stamp.

A man seemingly unable to keep anything to himself, Whelan also revealed that he'd been keen on signing Owen when he left Real Madrid to join us in the summer of 2005, but that his wages had proved prohibitive. Yeah, that and the fact that at the time the prospect of signing for Wigan would have been as appealing as getting trapped in a lift with a post-vindaloo Fat Fred.


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