Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going for a Bassong?

Fair play to Sebastien Bassong - he's waited a respectful amount of time before making it known (via a source in the Guardian) that he wants to leave, "devastated by the madness at the club". There's not likely to be a shortage of interested clubs - good news for the money men, and for us too I suppose, though his departure will be tinged with disappointment.

As the Guardian article rightly mentions, having cost £500,000 and on just £5000 a week, Bassong was an absolute bargain - certainly in comparison with his erstwhile central defensive partner Fabricio Coloccini, the £10m yin to Bassong's yang - and anything upwards of £6m would be a handsome return. He did more than most to try to keep us in the Premier League, so no one can really begrudge him looking to stay in the division we've just left behind. To stick with us through a turbulent summer and into the Championship, especially as a young foreign player with great potential, really would have made him Saint Sebastien.

The article is also revealing in what the source claims went on after the Villa match: "[Bassong] was mortified by some of the scenes in the dressing room. He said that only three or four of the players looked genuinely upset about the club's relegation. More worryingly, while the fans were still chanting outside, some players were talking about their holidays." A relaxing fortnight in Guantanamo Bay would be too good for most of our mob.


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