Tuesday, June 09, 2009

£100m for the club, but what price dignity?

Has it really come to this: Fat Mike so desperate for bidders that he's pleading for the submission of offers by email on the official club site? A word of warning, Mike, because you're clearly daft enough to need it: don't go getting excited when your inbox fills up with emails from Nigerian gentlemen expressing an interest in depositing large sums of money in your bank account.

Ashley may not need to sift through all the emails from Mackems offering Oasis tickets and a Curly Wurly, though, if the reports of serious interest from a Singapore-based group are to be believed. Just as the blubbery spectre of Fat Fred returning to haunt us loomed large, it seems we might be spared - though on their website our potential saviours do name one Mr K Dalglish as their "UK operations advisor"...

As for the managerial position, what the fuck is going on?! Wor Al said he expected his own future to be resolved "by the end of the week" - that week being last week. After his disastrous mishandling of the Keegan situation which ultimately cost us our place in the Premier League and for which he has grovellingly apologised, apparently genuinely, is Fat Mike happy to let history repeat itself by bringing another legend back to the club only to treat him appallingly and allow him to walk away in disgust?

Once the reality of relegation had sunk in, we had started - as is our wont - to look on the bright side: the prospect of the dead wood being cleared out, a fundamental shift of attitude and direction, possibly even a genuine reconnection with the fans. But currently it feels as though things have got worse, not better, and the longer the club stagnates the quicker that hopefulness and optimism will dwindle away.


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