Sunday, March 01, 2009

On the offensive

Typical that at a time when we're struggling to remember how to go on the offensive on the pitch, a familiar flabby face shows how it's done off it:

"When blame is being dished out for the present predicament I don't think too many people will be fooled by the excuses coming from the people who have been in charge for two seasons. I have been attacked for everything from the fact that Ashley failed to exercise due diligence to that I set up a deal to sign a world-class star without borrowing to do it. I wouldn't buy a secondhand car without checking it was road-worthy and whether there were any HP deals on it, so I don't see how it can be anyone's fault but his that he didn't look at the books before forking out £134m for a football club."

Nice of Fat Fred to kick us while we're down - and also to pick up on the car metaphor. Seems like a long time ago that he was fawningly describing Ashley and chums as "excellent custodians of Newcastle United's heritage", doesn't it? Too long for his memory to cope with, evidently...


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