Friday, February 27, 2009

It's not good to talk

According to Derek Llambiarse, JFK has become something of a phone pest during his supposed convalescence: "As far as we're concerned, Joe is recovering from heart surgery and we are trying to force him to take things easy, get well and come back when he is strong enough. It's an uphill struggle at times. He's been on the phone constantly since he was released from hospital to Chris Hughton and myself. We're having to hold him back if anything and tell him he's got to concentrate on his recovery, but that's the passion of the man. He loves the job and it consumes him."

Sounds like Hughton and the chairman are tempted just to take the phone off the hook. And no wonder - who would want JFK croaking characteristic obscenities down the line at them at all hours of the day? Actually, thinking about it, perhaps they could find him temporary work as a dirty-talking sex line operative to raise a few quid for the summer transfer kitty...


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