Monday, February 02, 2009

Deals done

Deadline day bought confirmation that the Zog has finally sulked his way to Wigan with Ryan Taylor driving a big suitcase of cash (alleged to be as much as £6 million) with him in the opposite direction.

Taylor looks to me to be a decent player who can cover both full-back positions and also (at least against us) weighs in with a few vital goals, and should at least have the desire to play for the team on the pitch, something which the Frenchman has lacked for a fair while now, not least when asked to play at left back. (Incidentally, the irony of Ol' Cauliflower Face saying N'Somnia "can also play at the back" wasn't lost on us - enjoy being played out of position, Charlie!)

Whilst losing a young talented player might be seen as a step backwards in some camps, a bag of cash and a negative influence out of the dressing room should hopefully help us to build for the future.

Whether that future is a Premier League one, will depend a great deal on how successful JFK is in integrating Lovenkrands, Nolan and Taylor into the team.


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