Monday, November 14, 2011

Behold the Golden Jaguar

Not a reference to latest purchase by the King of Bling, but rather news of another old boy, who, despite being without a club has eyes on appearing at the next world cup.

Step forward Carl Cort, who just picked up his second cap for Guyana, playing alongside his brother in a 2-1 win over Trinidad at the weekend.

Of perhaps greater significance at the weekend was the Dreamboat's training ground appearances with France, with the player hopefully recovered from the muscle strain which saw him hobble off the pitch during our hard fought win against Everton.  Hopefully this means he'll be fully fit for our trip to table toppers Man City at the weekend.

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Anonymous LP said...

Carl Cort? Holy crap.. I thought we got rid of him for good.

7:29 pm  

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