Friday, September 26, 2008

JFK in the hotseat - for the time being

"Where were you when JFK was appointed?" I know where I was - at work, scratching my head in disbelief.

One of the criticisms of our appointment of King Kev was that by his own admission he'd been completely out of the game for too long - well, Joe Fucking Kinnear (as .com have taken to calling him) last worked in football four years ago. What's more, if his hoof-and-run Wimbledon past is anything to go by, we aren't going to be any more attractive to watch either - though we've got to concede, grudgingly, that beggars can't be choosers and if he can stabilise us and get a few points on the board from his six to eight games in charge, starting with the home game against Blackburn tomorrow, then we'd have to be grateful for that. If he can't, we'll all be lining up at the window of the book repository for a shot at him.

Kinnear's comments have helped clarify exactly what he's on Tyneside to do: not to hold the fort while a new manager is sought (to avoid another Souness-style panic appointment), but to keep the seat warm for Keegan's return: "I am aware that the new owners have Kevin Keegan and possibly Alan Shearer parked around the corner". That would explain why El Tel's request to be given time was refused, and why he subsequently turned down the role. So amidst all the mess there remains the consoling possibility of King Kev being back on the throne before the end of October, and working within a system in which he calls the shots. We can but hope.


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