Monday, September 13, 2004

Graeme Souness's To Do list

1. Bolster the squad with at least one and preferably two new defenders. But perhaps not Ronny Johnsen.

2. Instill some discipline - on and off the pitch.

3. Tell a few home truths to those whose egos have ballooned out of all proportion to their performances.

4. Politely ask Freddie Shepherd to stop sticking his big fat sausage-like fingers into pies which are traditionally the manager's concern.

5. Win silverware.

Any other suggestions?

In today's press conference Souness made all the right noises, sounding genuinely enthused by the challenge. If Saturday's result told him anything, it was that despite all the egos, niggling worries and alleged squabbles, there is huge potential at the club, potential which desperately needs to be realised. If he can keep everyone fit and get everyone focused, then there's hope yet.


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