Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The case for the defence - dismissed

Not wishing to parrot the ever-excellent, but what the fuck is going on? Following the sale of star defender Jonathan Woodgate to Real Madrid, Fat Freddie promised us that the club had not proceeded without a long-term plan. Disgruntled as I was (like thousands of others), I assumed that meant we'd be investing the money recouped in a couple of players, one of whom would be a direct replacement for Woody, before the transfer deadline. But no. How naive of me to even assume that much. With the benefit of hindsight the sum total of that carefully considered plan seems to have been simply to spur our Premiership rivals Man Utd into improving their squad with a prodigiously talented young Scouser. All of which means that, after a miserable opening four games which left us winless and managerless, we have to survive until January with a woefully disjointed and frail first choice back line and a terrifying lack of defensive cover. Common sense has perhaps never been in such short supply at St James's Park - and that's saying something.


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