Monday, September 13, 2004

What a difference a win makes

At last, we managed to scrape together a credible performance. From what I’ve seen and heard of the game (and I freely admit to not being at St James’ on Saturday), we looked good, played some nice football and generally contained Blackburn. Bowyer enjoyed an excellent game, and deserved at least one, if not two, penalties when he was scythed down in the box on two seperate occasions.

However, it is easy to look good against a very mediocre side, and on current form Blackburn must surely be staring relegation in the eyes. How much the watching Souness will have learnt about his new charges we shall have to wait and see, but hopefully he’ll at least appreciate that when played in the centre, Bowyer is a very good player – something that Bobby never quite seemed to grasp.

I’m pleased for John Carver that after a number of years at the club, under a succession of managers, he was able to lead us to victory when given the reins, and wish him well in the future.

That said, in light of stories concerning disputes with players over the merits of his coaching style, I’m not about to mourn his departure with a wailing and a gnashing of teeth.

Only time will tell whether Souness and his staff are able to coax the best out of an obviously talented bunch of players who have consistently failed to achieve the standards of play that they should be capable of producing, but I for one am quietly optimistic at the moment. It’s only to be hoped that he is able to get us sufficiently well prepared to build up a healthy first leg advantage in Thursday’s UEFA Cup game.

So thanks JC, and over to you Graeme – Newcastle expects.

Don’t let us down.


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