Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thanks for the blanks?

Amidst all the delight at that rarest of beasts - a thoroughly professional perfomance from a Newcastle side - and the general contentment with the way things are currently going, one slightly concerning issue has been overlooked: Loic Remy is experiencing something of a goal drought.

His last strike came at home to Norwich on 23rd November, after which I was moved to comment that we needed to become less reliant on him in case he leaves us in January. That much we've done - picking up three wins and a draw in the subsequent five matches without his name appearing on the scoresheet once. Now, at the risk of sounding like a glass-half-empty moaner, I'm a bit concerned about the goals drying up. A five-game barren spell wouldn't be too remarkable by many players' standards (Papiss Cisse's, for instance...), but for someone who was registering with clockwork regularity a month ago it does pose questions.

That said, perhaps this is all fretting over nothing. After all, the team is still performing well, and Remy within it. As Tim noted in his report on Saturday's win, his lurking presence was instrumental in Danny Gabbidon conceding the second goal and his workrate continues to be impeccable. Indeed, maybe we should even (quietly) celebrate the fact that he's not scoring - after all, by keeping himself out of the headlines he might be improving our chances of signing him permanently next month...

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