Friday, December 13, 2013

Sofa, so good

So Wor Al has declared he's unlikely to venture back into the murky waters of management, preferring to remain on the pundit's couch. It seems that dipping his toe in for that ill-fated eight-game spell at the end of our relegation season has put him off for life. It certainly didn't go well - just one victory and a stand-up row in the dressing room with ASBO following his red card in the heavy defeat at Anfield - but in fairness he effectively clambered aboard a ship that was already sinking rapidly through no fault of his own.

Wor Al was in the frame for jobs at Blackburn and Leeds in recent years, but given that those clubs' boards then appointed Henning Berg and Colin Wanker respectively, it's not hard to see why he might feel somewhat snubbed. Perhaps announcing he's not considering management positions is a bit like when a player who hasn't been picked by England for five years decides to announce his international retirement...

I've often wondered whether Wor Al - brilliant player, captain and professional though he was - would be cut out for management. I'd be a bit concerned about the size of his ego (justifiably large, I should add), though that was clearly no impediment to the likes of Taggart or Jose Mourinho.

Of course, his declaration that he's got no plans to ditch being a Match of the Day pundit is likely to be greeted with groans by all those who see his comments as dull and sterile. At the risk of being accused of bias, I'll reiterate without shame my view that, while not the best (no Gary Neville - never thought I'd say that...), he's certainly not the worst either. I'd have thought having to sit next to that witless buffoon Robbie Savage would be enough to drive anyone into a different career...

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