Monday, June 17, 2013

'Kin hell, it's Joe Kinnear again

First of all, an apology on behalf of Paul. When he was putting together his proposals for what needed to happen this summer to right last season's wrongs, he failed to state that there was a blindingly obvious solution to all our woes: the reappointment of JFK, this time as director of football. Funny, that.

If Jabba truly believes that an arrogant, asterisk-loving arsehole with a dicky ticker is the solution, then I'd venture to suggest that he's misunderstood the problem. If by some miracle the move comes off, then Jabba will deserve to be hailed as a genius and sceptical fans will be queuing up to bare their bottoms in Fenwick's window - but that likelihood looks extremely remote.

So, how to react, other than with utter disbelief and a vague hope that it'll soon be revealed as a hoax or just the ravings of a man bouncing off the walls of his padded cell? More specifically, where does this leave the Silver Fox? It's hard to say, really. On the one hand, the manager has never really had full responsibility for incomings (that's been largely the preserve of Graham Carr and his team, before Llambiarse steps in to conduct the negotiations and sanction the cheques) and JFK has sought to stress that he won't have an influence over the team sheet or tactics. But on the other it clearly suggests that the hierarchy felt the Silver Fox wasn't coping and that assistance was required - so as a result he may well feel undermined and unsettled by the man who has so modestly claimed "I'm a good judge of players" and "I've got a bright head".

Of course, JFK and the Silver Fox will be able to bond over one thing: a mutual love and respect for officials... It's also quite fitting that the club should have sought to renew their relationship with JFK, given that both have recently displayed a somewhat relaxed attitude towards history - the club claiming gates that had stood at St James' Park for less than a decade were somehow historic and iconic, and our new director of football flatly declaring he'd never been in charge of a relegated team, conveniently forgetting about Luton's exit from the Football League back in 2001...

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